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We are so excited to announce another brand to the SISU & FINN family - Neat Feat. it a clothing brand? No, it isn’t!

Chafing is such a big issue for curvy and plus size women, that our team has decided to add another practical chafing solution to the shop.

As Neat Feat’s 3B products are creams and powders, they are a really good solution when our selection of shorts, or bands, are not feasible. Or when it’s too hot to wear anything at all!

The 3B cream is particularly useful when playing sport, or at the beach. Apply a little to the tops of your thighs and away you go - living your best life! Which is what we are all about at SISU & FINN.

The range we offer includes:

Image result for 3B Action Cream 75g images

3B Action Cream 75g


Neat Feat - 3B Action Cream 100g - Anti Chafing

3B Action Cream 100g

Neat Feat - 3B Body Powder 125g - Anti Chafing

3B Body Powder 125g

If you have any other products you love, and would like to see on SISU & FINN, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Matthew S

    I bought a few items for my sister's birthday. The service was excellent (I have no idea about women's clothes!) and the delivery was very quick. My sister was very happy. I highly recommend for everyone looking for great quality clothes and great service!

  • Cassidy B

    Bought some wonderful Sonsee tights from Sisu & Finn. The tights are fabulous and the service was outstanding. The courier delivered the day after my order!

  • Nichelle N

    I purchased swimwear from Sisu and Finn. Beautiful quality and flattering styles that are made for ‘real women’. Delivery was quick and customer experience was excellent!

  • Janeen K

    Bought a couple of fabulous shirts from here. While it took a few days to get to me in NZ it was so worth it. Customer service was awesome and could not have been more helpful. Highly recommend!

  • Lucy H

    Love Sisu & Finn! My Capriosca swimwear arrived and it’s a perfect fit. Such a challenge to find great stylish options for my curves.

  • Deepak K

    I would like to thank the team at SISU & FINN for a great experience. I needed to buy something for my mother’s birthday, and they helped me select the perfect item. To ensure it reached her on time, it was sent directly to her, and Philippa included a birthday card! My mother was so happy, and the personalised touch was really appreciated. Thank you to Philippa and her team.

  • Christine S

    I needed a nice dress for a wedding and love my Kiyonna Wrap dress when it arrived, the service was fantastic!!!!