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So you’ve decided that you need a new wardrobe. The next step is to decide how much you want to spend.

At Sisu & Finn we believe in buying clothes which will last a long time and have a timeless look. While the latter point talks about style, clothes that are constructed to last a long time are just as important.

Often a woman's base style doesn't change. They often like the classics, and then add to the look with new, trendy pieces to make the outfit pop. Personaly, I like to know that a top/dress/pants I love, and wear regularly, will last at least multiple seasons. I also like good value and investing in better quality pieces give me this piece of mind.

There’s no point buying a beautiful new car if it breaks down after a few drives especially when you paid a lot of money for something nice to look at in your garage. The same princpals apply to a woman's clothes. You can get cheap clothes that don’t last very long, fall apart and often look 'cheap'. Or. you can invest a little more (in the right places) and have clothes that see you through. 

Many women crave a low price. We love a bargin, and it's in our nature. They see a jacket for $50 and they must have it - even if it doesnt fit properly, isn't stylish, and doesn't work with anything in their wardrobe. After a season they will often throw it out, it will fall apart, or it will take up space in their wardrobe. Simply put, it's a waste.  

Better quality, long lasting pieces are also so much better for the evnvironment. They aren't in landfill and are worn with pride and confidence! 


  • Matthew S

    I bought a few items for my sister's birthday. The service was excellent (I have no idea about women's clothes!) and the delivery was very quick. My sister was very happy. I highly recommend for everyone looking for great quality clothes and great service!

  • Cassidy B

    Bought some wonderful Sonsee tights from Sisu & Finn. The tights are fabulous and the service was outstanding. The courier delivered the day after my order!

  • Nichelle N

    I purchased swimwear from Sisu and Finn. Beautiful quality and flattering styles that are made for ‘real women’. Delivery was quick and customer experience was excellent!

  • Janeen K

    Bought a couple of fabulous shirts from here. While it took a few days to get to me in NZ it was so worth it. Customer service was awesome and could not have been more helpful. Highly recommend!

  • Lucy H

    Love Sisu & Finn! My Capriosca swimwear arrived and it’s a perfect fit. Such a challenge to find great stylish options for my curves.

  • Deepak K

    I would like to thank the team at SISU & FINN for a great experience. I needed to buy something for my mother’s birthday, and they helped me select the perfect item. To ensure it reached her on time, it was sent directly to her, and Philippa included a birthday card! My mother was so happy, and the personalised touch was really appreciated. Thank you to Philippa and her team.

  • Christine S

    I needed a nice dress for a wedding and love my Kiyonna Wrap dress when it arrived, the service was fantastic!!!!