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Being a plus size woman, I’ve found it’s harder to create a more polished, refined look. Is that just me? Or you have you had the same issue? Often I feel myself looking a little sloppy even if the clothing is on point. But I have come to realise that  it comes down to the small details to really make an outfit pop. And when I put on the Sonsee opaque 100 Denier full tights it changes everything.

Generally, tights help create a polished look, whether I am at work or out on the town Bonus: they also add some extra warmth and allow me to wear clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear, for example, a super short dress or skirt.

For work, I love the sheer 20 denier full tights in glow. Essentially, it’s a classic beige. They are also available in 40 denier with back seam (va va voom) which is a very subtle, sexy way to update your look. You will be surprised how amazing these make you feel….but back to the 100 denier tights I was talking about! .


First, the small but important details  

Sonsee opaque 100 Denier Full Tights  are made in Italy, and are crafted with ultra-stretch technology, from an Italian stretch yarn made from polyamide and elastane. This helps stretch the material over our lumps, bumps, curves and general fabulousness. They are seamless in design and they feature a no-dig, anti-roll waistband and superior all over comfort and style.

It’s recommended you warm hand wash your tights, but I put them in a delicates bag and put them on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. So far, I haven’t had an issue, but I wouldn’t put them on a more thorough cycle


My experience with Sonsee Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights

Frankly, I love them. This is the primary reason why I stock them on Sisu & Finn. They are great quality and have the easily polished look that I love. It’s the first plus size brand which I can rely on to be long lasting and comfortable. And that fits over my belly and bum without ripping almost immediately.

By habit, I do put a spare pair of knickers over them to keep them up. Depending on my weight at the time, sometimes they are necessary, and sometimes they aren’t as they do have an anti-roll waistband– but I do it out of habit.

I am a size 22-24, or “stunning” in Sonsee sizing. I should go up a size at the moment because I have put on some weight, but for the moment the knickers-over-the-tights trick is suitable.

I love the way I can give this denier a big pull up, and they don’t rip. In fact, I have worn my Sonsee opaque 100 Denier Full Tights regularly for nearly two years and it’s still the original pair! That is pretty incredible cost per wear don’t you think? (Helpful hint: I may not try the big pull up on a lower denier pair, as the material gets correspondingly more fragile the lower the number).

Overall, I am completely obsessed and cannot recommend them highly enough. Jump here to  buy the Sonsee opaque 100 denier full tights.


How to style your Sonsee tights

How long is a piece of string? As I mentioned earlier, I prefer them for work and going out for dinner with a dress which is just a little too short. As you will see in the images above, the dress I am wearing is quite short. I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it without tights. I wouldn’t even be comfortable wearing it with a lower denier. They add a funky twist, some modesty, and a much more sophisticated look than if I was to use leggings.

Honestly, your imagination is the only barrier to what you can do with your Sonsee tights!


About Sonsee Woman

Built for stunning, strong, plus size shapes, Sonsee specialises in plus-size hosiery and shapewear, and is designed to be practical and chic.


Click to view the complete Sonsee range available on Sisu & Finn

  • Matthew S

    I bought a few items for my sister's birthday. The service was excellent (I have no idea about women's clothes!) and the delivery was very quick. My sister was very happy. I highly recommend for everyone looking for great quality clothes and great service!

  • Cassidy B

    Bought some wonderful Sonsee tights from Sisu & Finn. The tights are fabulous and the service was outstanding. The courier delivered the day after my order!

  • Nichelle N

    I purchased swimwear from Sisu and Finn. Beautiful quality and flattering styles that are made for ‘real women’. Delivery was quick and customer experience was excellent!

  • Janeen K

    Bought a couple of fabulous shirts from here. While it took a few days to get to me in NZ it was so worth it. Customer service was awesome and could not have been more helpful. Highly recommend!

  • Lucy H

    Love Sisu & Finn! My Capriosca swimwear arrived and it’s a perfect fit. Such a challenge to find great stylish options for my curves.

  • Deepak K

    I would like to thank the team at SISU & FINN for a great experience. I needed to buy something for my mother’s birthday, and they helped me select the perfect item. To ensure it reached her on time, it was sent directly to her, and Philippa included a birthday card! My mother was so happy, and the personalised touch was really appreciated. Thank you to Philippa and her team.

  • Christine S

    I needed a nice dress for a wedding and love my Kiyonna Wrap dress when it arrived, the service was fantastic!!!!