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It’s 4:31am on a Tuesday morning. I can’t sleep. I am at my desk, wearing my pjs (which in reality is simply a pair of knickers), and looking out in the black abyss of the world. Speckled with a few lights and hearing cars whizz by as their drivers go about their lives.

Weird start to a blog post on a clothing site. But, this isn’t just a clothing site – not in my eyes anyway.

As I have previously documented, the past two years have been filled with ups and downs. In fairness, more downs than up. But, I am grateful for having my shining beacon – you. And this website.

Sisu & Finn’s ethos is about giving, love, inclusiveness and grit. An imperfect collection of what life is really about. A bit sappy, sure, but as a very handsome barman in Mexico said to me, Asi Es! Or for us English speaking folk, it is what it is.

Change is inevitable and despite being scary and full of the unknown, it can also be unbelievably exciting; even if it’s not always expected or wanted. It’s certainly rearing its head again in my world. I also see it in the faces of my pregnant friends, my aging parents, the death notices and the smiling, snotty faces of my friends babies turned toddlers. I see it in friends who have inherited children from previous marriages and friends about to marry the loves of their lives.

So, despite how scary life can be, here are some of my tricks to help me move forward, no matter how weighed down I am feeling.

  1. Wearing a special outfit: Finally, something to do with clothes! I have said it once, and I will say it again. Clothes do not make the woman, but they do allow us to express, and discover ourselves. It’s superficial, but it’s an easy and quick change to make. It can boost your mood momentarily and set the path for the rest of the day. For me, I may even do my hair and make up – a basic for some, but an additional extra for me. I may wear a feminine dress, or a crisp white shirt, jeans and some lippy. It doesn’t matter. The only travesty, is when you don’t have the right options to express yourself and how you want to be interpreted by this big world we live in. As women, it is our right to dress in a way which empowers us.  
  1. Exercise: I know, I know. But, again over the last few years I have found this to be really helpful. I don’t come up with my best ideas while sweating it out, but it does help me re-direct some of my thinking to the now. Maybe less of a thought, but more of a desire to stay alive as my legs keep up with ‘BOOM BOOM’ or ‘1,2’ of spin class. I can also get the similar, light feeling while taking a gentle stroll in the park. Whatever works for you.
  1. Time alone: I live alone, so I get plenty of alone time. But, I need it. I need to retreat into my private sanctuary and just be. Such introverted tendencies, for an extrovert. I know alone time is harder for many of you, but even 5 minutes to gather your thoughts, take a few breathes and think of something private can make an enormous difference to your wellbeing.
  1. Flowers: Nature gives me a sense of peace and calm. I can love the beauty of flowers, the colour injection in my apartment and even though the ending is inevitable I love the life the breath into my apartment, and my soul.
  1. Have a laugh: It can be very difficult to laugh when your staring down the barrel of the unknown. But, for me, being silly is so important when dealing with change. It might be viewed immature but my own happiness and peace of mind is so much more important that how I am viewed.
  1. Stop giving a damn: Over the years I have become quite the master of not caring what others think. Again, some people may consider me aloof or dismissive as a result but my happiness and wellbeing comes above all else. I do my best, and that’s all anyone can ask of themselves or anyone else. And knowing that, helps me not give a damn.
  1. Giving: Helping others gives me such enormous satisfaction. As humans we are so cruel to each other, but sharing positive and loving energy can be so beneficial to all. And if you don’t believe in anything hippy dippy, then just try to be nice. It feels good to be nice. Drop some clothes off to a charity, give a meal to the homeless, or just make sure your friends are OK.

Even though I use many other tactics, the above are my favourites. I’ve no doubt change is impacting your life too, and I would love to hear about it – the good, the bad, the ugly. Feel free to drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks for your time folks, have a good one!

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