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Prevention is always the best cure. So, to help the curse that is chub rub, here’s how to manage the effects of chub rub and stop it in its tracks.

Wear anti-chafing shorts and bands!

They are called anti-chafing shorts and bands for a reason. Tried and tested by real curvy girls, we know they definitely guard against chub rub; especially when we just want to wear dresses and skirts through the hot summer. They’re also light and breathable so you won’t feel weighed down by adding them to your favourite outfit. The best part is the both the shorts and bands come in different colours. We have purposely offered different options for plus size women, and brands, to ensure all your anti-chafing needs are met!

 Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts (Short) Nude - Plus Size


Wear vaseline.

Chub rub is caused by friction and moisture, so creating a surface which glides will only work in your favour. Dab a little Vaseline on your thighs every morning before dressing to help create a smooth, chafe-resistant surface. Vaseline also helps soothe and protect chub-rub afflicted skin, so double bonus points for this one.

Keep them smooth and dry.

In the heat of summer, sweating is inevitable. It’s this increase of moisture that can cause the worst of chafing. Dusting your inner thighs with a little talcum powder protects your skin from perspiration. We always keep a little tub in our bag, or the office, so we can stay dry anyplace and anytime. For a natural alternative, corn starch-based options also work well.

Go for workout leggings, not track pants.

Chafing is less likely to happen when you wear fitted moisture-wicking fabrics with smooth seams and synthetic fibres. So, active wear is the perfect fitted clothing, to help avoid any chafing; wear it and be proud!

 Sonsee Anti Chafing Shorts (Short) Black - Plus Size


How to treat chafing and chub rub

Summer’s here! Again!  Which is great for sunny days, friends and the beach. But, it also means it’s thigh chafe seasons.

Here are some tips to help you cope.


Firstly, gently wash your skin with cool water and a mild, gentle soap. Preferably, use one without any fragrances or harsh chemicals as these can irritate your skin and make it sting. Also, gently pat the broken skin (don’t rub!) dry with a towel.

Be gone germs! Chafing is broken skin, so it’s best to ensure the area remains free from infection and other nasties in the air. Gently rub on an antibacterial cream.


Aloe Vera gel is the best calming and healing agent for sore or broken skin. Plus, it’s cooling, which is bliss when your thighs feel like they’re burning. Bio-Oil or Weleda’s Body Care Arnica Intensive Body Recovery cream are two other options recommended by doctors.


You now want to protect your skin and create a barrier that will let the aloe vera do its work. Vaseline creates a strong, protective layer, locking the moisture in and keeping excess moisture out. A layer of clothing between the thighs will also provide some relief and avoid the worsening the irritated skin.


Once they’ve dried the lotions a little, pop on a pair of nice breathable cotton pyjamas, relax with your feet up and try to keep the room cool to minimize perspiration.

Bandalette Anti Chafing Bands (Black) Plus Size


Bonus tip: Buy our Sonsee anti-chafing shorts and Bandelette bands and you’ll never see a day of chub rub again! Trust us, your thighs will thank you.

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